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Updated Feb.9, 2017

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Training and Development

Our Training Contact can be reached at training@kwascouting.ca.

Scouts Canada believes in providing training to its volunteers so that you can increase your skills, competency and knowledge to deliver better programs and further enhance the scouting experience for youth and adults.  Each Scouter should have access to relevant and high quality training opportunities that assist you in developing the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to function effectively as a Scouts Canada volunteer.

Everything we do in Scouting has a purpose.  Training is the key to recognizing, understanding and achieving the purpose behind each activity.  The Kawartha Waterways Area Training team wants to ensure that all Scouts Canada volunteers recognize the purpose of their leadership role and understand how to achieve it in a progressive and fun-filled atmosphere.  It is a proven fact that scouting youth members with well-trained leaders have more fun, stay in the program longer, and advance further.  Youth leaders are also encouraged to take training and there are many courses offered at the Area, Council and National levels during the year to provide outstanding opportunities for further leadership growth.

The first training a Scouts Canada adult or youth volunteer will require are the mandatory Respect & Woodbadge 1. Go to MyScouts.ca, login, then to the 'David Huestis Learning Centre'. If you are not yet setup to login, contact our Training Coordinator at training@kwascouting.ca.

Woodbadge courses are also offered in-person and will be listed on our Home Page under Upcoming Events. These include...

The advantages of in-person training are a rich learner experience, with opportunities to ask questions and network with other Scouters. A typical in-person Wood Badge 1 course includes 10-12 hours of instruction.  Wood Badge II, First Aid, and Outdoor Skills courses are only available in person. Facilitated learning is based on the premise of learner-focused where:

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