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Updated Apr.29, 2017


The KWA Recognition Team plans the annual Honours and Awards Dinner for members of the Area, their friends, and family as a way to showcase the achievements from the year and thank them for the time they have donated to the organization. Please contact recognition@kwascouting.ca

As part of the dinner there are a few awards that are unique to our area. They are as follows, along with the most recent recipients:

Youth Excellence Award
This award is presented annually to a youth member of the Area who has strived in the program and uses their Scouting enthusiasm for the betterment of the Movement.  Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to Nic Forget!

The Commissioner’s Award
This award is given out by the area commissioner each year to someone who has helped the area team in some way, going above and beyond what is expected of them. Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to the Robertson Family!

The Tom Atkinson Service Award
This award recognizes a “Rookie” Scouter in program or administration and has taken training. Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to Kelly Stinson!

The Front Line Award
The criteria for this award is for members serving directly and solely with the youth level. Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to Allan Pyche!

The MJ Smit Memorial Group Committee Award
This award is for outstanding service to Scouting in a Group Committee role. Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to Brian Lee!

The Art Rose Memorial Training Award
The criteria for this award is the Scouter has excelled in the training program, and who has used such training for the betterment of themselves and of Scouting. Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to Sue Reinhart!

Skipper “G” Award
Providing outstanding service to the youth of Scouting through their programs and efforts on their behalf – demonstrates their devotion to Scouting be living the Scout Law. Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to Jean Middleton!

Silver Pine Award
Excellence in Council. Awarded Apr.27, 2017 to Operation Alert & Huck Finn!

If there is someone that you would like to nominate for these awards please contact recognition@kwascouting.ca

As part of the Honours & Awards system we like to keep the ‘outside agencies’ into our program. Some of the awards that we have helped people apply for are below.

The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is asking for nominations for the “Ontario Volunteer Service Award” and the “Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers”.

If you are submitting a name or names, please:
Please indicate name of nomination, group, & position
Pin point why you have submitted the name
You don’t need to do it in essay form, point form is fine

Submit your nominations to recognition@kwascouting.ca

Submit as many as you like, the H & A team will go through all the nominations, make our choices, do the paperwork and submit the applications.